Tropical fish

We stock a large variety of tropical fish in our Aquatics shop, please contact us to discuss your requirements and to find out what is currently in stock.

Some examples of the Tropical fish that we stock in our Aquatics store are shown below:

Tropical fish


The Platy can grow to around 7cm long and will live for about 3 years in a good Aquarium environment. They are very popular Fresh water aquarium fish and come in many colours, including  red, yellow, orange, blue and rainbow (a combination of colours).

Angel fish.PNG

Freshwater Angel fish

Angel fish exist as both Marine and Freshwater fish, but we only stock the freshwater fish. They can grow to anything between 5 and 60 cm depending on the variety Angel fish come in many colours including red, blue, green or yellow and covered with various bright markings and bands.

Balloon Mollie.JPG

Balloon Molly

Balloon Mollies grow to around 5cm in length and come in a variety of colours, they can live up to  5 years in the right conditions.

Cherry Barbs.JPG

Cherry Barbs

The Cherry Barb can live for around 5 to 7 years and as their name suggests they are bright cherry red in colour. They can grow up to around 5cm in length.

Guppy fish.JPG


Guppies are one of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish species. They are typically 1.5 to 6cm long and come in a variety of colours.
Guppies like to be in shoals and should not be kept as a single fish in an aquarium.
In the wild, Guppies live for around 2 years on average.

King Cobra Guppies.jpg

King Cobra Guppies

King Cobra Guppies are good community fish

Tuxedo Guppies.jpg

Tuxedo Guppies

Tuxedo Guppies are good community fish

Lyretail Guppies.jpg

Lyretail Guppies

Lyretail Guppies are good community fish

Leopard Danios.JPG

Leopard Danios

The Leopard Danios can grow up to about 6cm in length and can be placed in a tank on its own or with other Leopard Danios.

Chilli Red Rasboras.jpg

Chilli Red Rasboras

The Chilli Red Rasboras is a Nano Tropical fish that grows up to 2 cm.

Neon Tetras.jpg

Neon Tetras

Neon Tetras are an ideal beginner fish

Flame Tetras.jpg

Flame Tetras

Flame Tetras are very active fish, they can be aggressive to smaller fish.

Black Widow Tetra.JPG

Black Widow Tetra

Growing up to around 6 cm in length, the Black Widow Tetra can live up to 7 years.

Albino Plecostomus.jpg

Albino Plecostomus

Albino Plecostomus are algae eaters and are good for cleaning your tank!

They grows up to 5 inches.

Black Orchid Crowntail Betta.jpg

Black Orchid Crowntail Betta

Black Orchid Crowntail Betta are a fighting fish, so only one male per tank

Strawberry Red Peacock Cichlid.jpg

Strawberry Red Peacock Cichlid

Strawberry Red Peacock Cichlid is a Malawi Cichlid

Firemouth Cichlid.JPG

Firemouth Cichlid

The Firemouth Cichlid can live for around 10 years in a good environment. It grows to around 12-15cm in length.

Blue Acara Cichlid.JPG

Blue Acara Cichlid

The Blue Acara Cichlid can live for as long as 8 to 10 years and grows to around 15cm in length.

Blue Zebra Cichlid.jpg

Blue Zebra Cichlid

Blue Zebra Cichlid is a Malawi Cichlid

Giraffe (Venestus) Cichlid.jpg

Giraffe (Venestus) Cichlid

The Giraffe Cichlid can be part of a community tank - but not with fish smaller than their mouth!

Red Zebra Cichlid.jpg

Red Zebra Cichlid

Red Zebra Cichlid is a Malawi Cichlid

Yellow Peacock Cichlid.jpg

Yellow Peacock Cichlid

Yellow Peacock Cichlid is a Malawi Cichlid

Hongi Red Top Cichlid.jpg

Hongi Red Top Cichlid

Hongi Red Top Cichlid

Jewel Cichlid.jpg

Jewel Cichlid

The Jewel Cichlid will pair readily in community tank

Multile fish.jpg

We have a wide variety of Tropical fish in our Aquarium shop, please contact us for more details.